Trauma Insurance

Trauma Insurance also known as critical illness insurance provides a tax free lump sum on the diagnosis of a medical condition.

You never know when a serious condition might strike. It could be tomorrow or next year but if (or when) it does, it pays to be ready.

When you are recovering from a serious illness or injury, you don’t also want to be recovering from a financial setback. How would you make up the loss of income and unexpected costs that are routinely experienced by others in that situation? If you are concerned about how you would cope up financially if you were to suffer from a serious illness like cancer, Trauma Cover could definitely help you.

It’s ideal for those with families and bills to pay. You could use the lump sum payment for whatever you want - treatment, paying the mortgage or a holiday. What you need to do is just give us a call and we will help you to be prepared for the unforeseen financial consequences of the survival.

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