Total Permanent Disability Insurance

Becoming permanently disabled could be just devastating, with its impact felt in every area of your life but it doesn’t need to have an Impact on the financial stability of you and your family.

Total permanent and disability insurance is the financial protection should the unexpected happen and you’re unable to work ever again in your life due to the total and permanent disability.This type of insurance provides a lump sum if you are totally and permanently disabled, and unable to work again.

Most of us think we can’t get sick and our good health is guaranteed. But in the event of an accident or serious long-term illness it is sadly too late to get cover. If the worst were to happen to you, what would happen to your family? Or their lifestyle?

Total Permanent disability insurance provides a lump sum and a financial peace of mind in the event of permanent disability. It will provide you and your loved ones with the security, if something unfortunate happens, you will all be able to get on with your life and lifestyle.

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