1) Shop around! We recently had our WOF done on our car (with a voucher of course) and the garage (main dealer for our make of car) said we needed a shocking amount of work done. We didn’t really believe them as 6 months earlier they had done a similar huge amount and charged us a hefty figure. So we went to VTNZ to get the WOF done, and to our surprise we didn’t need the things the dealer said we need to pass the WOF and so we saved $2000.
2) DO NOT buy anything unless it’s on sale (I’m talking goods from Briscoes, The Warehouse, etc.) Anything you want to buy there will most definitely go on sale.
3) It’s OK to haggle on bigger ticket items (say, $100 or more), like furniture, appliances, etc. Even mortage and term deposit rates are negotiable. Even in an upmarket shop, even if something is already on sale. ‘Is that your best price?’ will very often get you more money off.
4) If you’re looking for fresh produce keep an eye on the car boots at the side of the road! You’ll often find people selling their surplus there. Buy all fruit and veg separately from a fruit and veggie shop, which is much cheaper. Stock up when things are reduced in the supermarket, you can often save quite a lot.
5) Make as much as you can from scratch (sourdough bread, I preserve, make sausages and pâtés), go to the veggie market and have a veggie patch. You’ll know what you’re eating and the money saving aspect is a bonus.
6) Check to see you are getting the best deal on power. –
7) Checking and other such sites before buying any electronics items.
8) I never pay full price at the hairdressers – either get special offers from GrabOne or direct from the hairdresser via their email list.
9) Be careful on…. sometimes you find deals but more often than not I find people trying to sell things for almost as much as it costs new… most times I can find the item on sale somewhere new for cheaper than people are selling it used. –
10) Join a Toy Library. It can cost us $70/year to join and most toys are free to take out with the bigger toys costing $2/fortnight. If you have kids you will love the toy library and so will they (especially the 5 and 1 yr old). It will save you money but I like it more because the kids get whatever toy they want and you don’t have to collect the piles of “toy junk” that adds up over the years.
11) Get a car or camper van from Queenstown to Christchurch from $5 a day, then another from Christchurch to Auckland with the ferry charge paid for you, but you have to do it within a certain amount of days
You can hire a campervan for $5 a day – this works when you take it in the opposite direction from the one most tourists follow. You’re acting as an unpaid delivery driver, delivering the van back to where the hire company needs it – it’s win-win for you and the hire company.
12) Go to the movies from Sunday to Wednesdays (when tickets are discounted) instead of seeing the Friday and Saturday shows which are usually more expensive.
13) FlyBuys card from New World and various other places – worth collecting the points and getting the rewards.
14) Buy an Entertainment Book for lots of money saving offers (although then you do end up going out more because you get one main course free etc).
15) Check out the community newsletters in your suburbs because they will list all the various activities in the area which include family events like fun fairs, kids theme events. They are free and great fun because it usually includes story-telling sessions, performances, kids costume activities, make-up and toys, play areas for kids.
16) If you or somebody in your family loves reading, buy a Kindle and buy books from as cheap as 99p. It also saves on storage space.
17) Regularly checking tyre pressures in your cars as believe me having the correct tyre pressure improves your mileage considerably. I was surprised how my mileage improved.
18) School fairs are good places to buy second hand books, toys, clothes, plants etc.

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