Income Protection

What would you do if you were made redundant or became sick or got injured in an accident and your income stopped tomorrow?

Would you be able to provide the needs of your family? Income protection Insurance will bridge the gaps and helps make sure your family is looked after until you can work again. Income is usually a person’s most important asset, and protecting it is not something you should take lightly.

Income protection insurance pays an income when you can’t work due to injury or illness. Income protection insurance will pay you up to 75% your income when you cannot work. It will help to pay your bills, mortgage or rent while you recover. Recovery will be a lot quicker if you are not stressing about how you keep things while you cannot work. You cannot rely on ACC as ACC will only pay out if you had an accident and not if you are sick. More people are off work and for longer because of sickness.

If you think it will not happen to me, you got to think again.

Nobody is exempt from getting sick and there is no warning of getting sick. So be prepared and secure your future.

Alongside life insurance, income protection insurance is a must have insurance for most working adults.

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