Home Insurance

Your home is one of your largest investments. House insurance protects you against the loss of asset from a number of risks.

Fire, thefts, accidents, natural disasters... these are the kinds of threats that might cause you to lose sleep. Fortunately, Home Insurance Policy will cover damage to your home and personal property due to various reasons.

It is important to know what perils your home insurance covers. There are different types of insurance covers to choose from. With so many options to choose from,
it’s easy to feel lost — and that’s where The Fund Master comes in.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today to get a quote for your Home Insurance.

Almost all home owners need home insurance and are required to have it as part of their home loan agreements. Could you afford to rebuild your home if it was destroyed?

You need to work out if you want ‘total replacement’ cover or ‘sum-insured’ cover. Total replacement cover includes all the costs to rebuild your home to the standard it was prior to an event. Sum-insured cover is more common and will cover you up to a set amount.

There are a number of variations to these two basic models, so you might feel lost. But don’t worry. The Fund Master will help you choose the best policy according to your needs and financial situations.

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