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A changing world

 Happy New Year!
 2017 will be full of challenges, but challenges often bring about positive changes and opportunities. Caution and sound financial advice will hopefully see us all safely through the year.   
We'll have to exercise wisdom, as in the latest tendencies towards downsizing, ethical use of space, or building instead of buying from one another as a means to produce real wealth for the individual and the country. There seem to be brighter prospects for first time buyers in Auckland, and the number of building permits granted is on the rise.
Yes, the trumpification of the world is worrying. But humankind is a complex system, a sort of intelligent organism, apt to heal itself. It may take time, though. Things might become worse before they get better. It seems that we need someone whose sexism, xenophobia and aggressiveness are so blatant that we really need to be blind, or in possession of minus vision, not to see them. Yet grassroots initiatives, like the one by MixIt can save the day. ethical use of space
We'll be OK if each of us does our bit. Women's marches in NZ and the world show that there's a sense of urgency and a willingness to leave the comfort of the armchair and act for a positive change.
Should you decide to do anything about your loans and you wish to refinance, contact our team at the Fund Master. We'd be delighted to help you. We want to make 2017 as stress-free as possible for you.



Not one but several housing crises

New Zealand has several housing crises. First, there are rough sleepers, whose problems are likely to be complex, including drugs and alcohol and mental illness, and not simply the shortage of houses.
A second crisis arises from high rents and insecure tenure. Low-income renters who have to leave their home - for example if it's sold - are often unable to find an affordable alternative. Can we make a difference for these people?



Homeowners may face higher mortgage rates.

RNZ reports: ASB has increased its three-year and five-year standard rates by 0.2 percent and other banks are expected to follow suit.
The higher rates were due to a rise in global interest rates and banks' need for more deposits, said ANZ chief economist Cameron Bagrie.
"What we've seen is that the inflation profile of a lot of countries around the globe has started to pick up over the last two to three months. To be fair, a lot of that has been driven by oil prices, but that's really been enough to tip long-term interest rates off their lows."
Mr Bagrie said savers were likely to benefit from higher interest rates on deposits.
But he doubted it was a long-term trend, and said fixed-term mortgage rates may nudge back down.



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May the auspicious day of Deepawali be one of many in a long row of joyful, peaceful and enlightened days!



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Our best wishes for Holi and Easter! Cultural facts, the state of the market, home safety tips this autumn, introducing Sorted, a government initiative to help you manage your finances.



We have diversified our services and now we offer KiwiSaver.

We are authorised provider of KiwiSaver through GenerateKiwiSaver

'KiwiSaver is a Government initiated scheme to help kiwis in their old age.
Your money can bring more profit if managed and invested well.'

In this volatile market, it's vital to save for your retirement, so that you are not left high and dry in your old age.

What Generate KiwiSaver Is and What It Does

There are many KiwiSaver schemes to choose from; Dev, who’s a Generate KiwiSaver adviser, can help you decide which is the best for you.

Generate was recently voted the Investment Provider of the Year for 2015 by the Professional Advisers Association, rated on
· performance
· the quality of our communications and investment statements
· services and education to clients
· services and support to advisers.

Advisers put in a lot of hard work in trying to provide members with a truly great KiwiSaver scheme.

Why Generate?
· Top performing KiwiSaver Fund in the n the Growth Sector for 2014 & 2015
· Rated 1st for services by Sorted.org.nz. in 2014 and Q1 2015
· New Zealand owned and operated KiwiSaver specialist
· provide access to proven international investment managers with outstanding long term track records.

Generate KiwiSaver will keep you up-to-date with easy to understand information

When you join the Generate KiwiSaver Scheme you can access daily fund prices on our website and keep up-to-date with regular ‘plain English’ email newsletters, annual reports and audited financial statements. We also give you a private login to our website so you can always view the full details of your investments, including how much you have saved and transaction information.

Contact Dev for more details.

Generate KiwiSaver Testimonials

I never gave KiwiSaver a second thought once I enrolled five years ago at my job. Not really understanding what it meant to be in the ‘default conservative fund’ my funds slowly grew to $18,000. Last month I changed to a ‘Growth’ fund with Generate KiwiSaver; based on my age and time left in the workforce I should never have been in a conservative fund in the first place. Now I simply can’t wait to get my next yearly statement to see how much my investment has grown!
Ingrid - Generate KiwiSaver Member

Many thanks to the Generate team for their outstanding service. Their advice from the beginning has been sound and is easy to understand. Signing up is seamless and the monthly newsletters I receive are really informative. It's reassuring to know my funds are in ‘safe hands’.
Phil - Generate KiwiSaver Member

I am a knowledgeable local investor. Wanting something more from my KiwiSaver provider… I chose Generate. They have delivered with a first class service, regular contact and reporting.
Jarrod - Generate KiwiSaver Member

Thanks for the advice. I understand KiwiSaver now!
Jeremy - Generate KiwiSaver Member