Content Insurance

Like home insurance, content insurance is a must have insurance for house owners and renters.

Contents insurance covers the cost of replacing or repairing your unfixed household items and possessions. This includes furniture, clothes, appliances and jewellery. The type of cover you choose will affect the premium you pay.

Some policies cover you to defined Events (e.g burglary and fire) while others cover you for any accidental event. Others give you only limited cover if you take an item (e.g. laptop) outside your home. There are two main types of content insurance:

1) Policies that cover the value of your stuff
2) Policies that replace your stuff with new items e.g. ‘new for old’

‘New for old’ policies tend to be more expensive. Got confused with what one to choose?

Call The Fund Master Team and We will help you make the right decision, choose the best policy just tailored for you.

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