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We use our time to save you time & money

The Fund Master team provides you with FREE advice and service of convenience. We are there for you when you need advice or support with finance and insurance.

What can we actually do for you?

Best Mortgage Advice with NO FEES

We'll come and see you at a time and place that is convenient to you. We work for you and try & get the best available deal after negotiation with the banks and other financial institutions in New Zealand. Our knowledge and experience will make your life much easier.

This was the first home we purchased. We are a relatively young couple; we were unclear of many things and had many questions. Dev and his entire team took care of us as and made us feel comfortable. They answered all your questions in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Fund Master to all our friends and do business with them in the future.

Shayaan Topiwala, Auckland

Dev is very dedicated to his work and puts in long hours, from early morning to 9pm or later. We discussed the options. His advice was always useful and spot on. He knows the financing market in Auckland like no other. His team is very dedicated and extremely helpful and effective. Would strongly recommend.

A Bandyopadhyay, Auckland

Satisfaction level: 10/10. Maintaining privacy & comfort level with the team: 10/10. Regular timely feedback: 10/10. The team is very flexible and approachable.
Team met my expectation which is unbelievable in the current market. I didn’t see any faults in the service or places to recommend improvement on. Keep the spirit up and standard high as always.

Sindhu Ankireddy, Auckland

I found Dev very helpful as my apartment was late in completion. Dev had to keep renewing my mortgage application, finally securing one with my own bank. He kept me informed of progress, was happy to come to my home to discuss matters and was respectful of my privacy at all times. I'm happy to recommend to a friend. Many thanks.

Jean Heighway, Auckland

I am very satisfied with the service provided. Good advice was given and I am very happy with the deal we have got. Dev and team have provided us solutions for all our needs and concerns. They have maintained confidentiality, and timely feedback was given. Everything was done with no trouble to us; good system and support in place. I would definitely recommend TFM.
Raman Sidhu

Raman SidhuAuckland
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